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Stoic Philosophy

Someone I know is going to a therapist who specializes in Stoic Philosophy. If you could define me this would be the closest philosophy. One of the main philosophies/principles that I practice, that helps me, help others, is Stoicism. The goal of Stoicism is to attain... read more

Out of Nowhere… the Glory and Gift of Having Art in Your Life

“Out of Nowhere” was an ambitious ensemble piece Stillitano wove together from various stories and talents in one of his acting classes. It created quite an enthusiastic uproar and jaw dropping experience for the 100 audience members crammed into the theatre. “It was... read more

Great Art Requires Humility. Success Demands Grace.

In 2000, Carl had an artist write these words in one and a half foot, gold, calligraphy letters on the wall of our theatre at SEVA productions. 17 years later they’re just as true and meaningful to practice and keep in the forefront of my mind as I work, live and... read more
Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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