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Authentic Leadership Training

Authentic Leadership Training

Empowering Resonance

Our world is changing faster than ever. At Open Door Acting, our training connects leaders to the part of themselves that is eternal; the part that touches and moves us all.

Communication is power and it thrives on authenticity in the moment. And in the experiences that move us beyond words alone. At Open Door we create leaders that touch, move and inspire their audiences; no matter what the size, it’s always a one on one experience. Technical expertise and organizational acumen no longer suffice to create a great leader. Great leaders today must be master communicators able to connect with groups large and small through heartfelt authenticity. Whether on camera, the stage, or in a meeting room with a handful of clients, leaders trained by Open Door Acting will be able to evoke their innate charisma.

The secret is, we don’t teach leaders how to pretend. We take them on a journey to discover and own the innate strength, power and courage already present in their own hearts. We guide them to expand this power and direct it to influence and empower their organizations with Presence and with ease.

 Open Door Acting develops stage presence and influencing power through a variety of acting methods including Meisner, Grotowski, Adler, and Strassberg. As well as using various healing arts practices including meditation, Qi Gong, embodied affirmation, therapeutic massage and relaxation techniques to teach leaders how to embody their own personal power, vision and intentions.

We believe that great leadership reaches far beyond knowledge and “know-how”; it’s embodying the beliefs and principles you promote. When you connect to your truth, you need few words to communicate with lasting power and resonance. People “just feel it, you exude confidence, strength and authenticity. And you don’t have to try, it happens naturally. Don’t be surprised if events align in your favor, as if by magic, when you practice authentic, heartfelt communication.

Open Door Acting’s Executive Trainer/Acting Coach, Erin Flowers has studied and practiced a myriad of acting techniques, which she uses at will, depending on the specific needs of her students. She fine tunes leaders to tap into real emotion, to draw audiences in, engage them, impassion them, inspire them; connecting with them in a lasting and real way that lends itself to growth and transformation. She teaches compassionately, using her unique artistries and sensibilities to guide.

Leaders can transform quickly at Open Door Acting by discovering and developing an authentic, charismatic stage identity that they embody naturally, and enjoy being.

Erin Flowers

Managing Director, Executive Trainer, Acting Coach

Erin has spent 24 years developing leaders’ potential in more than a dozen countries. All trainings are under confidentiality contract.

Erin began performing and training at age 4 with various performing and healing artists in California including with (ages 9-13) then mentor, Whoopi Goldberg, at 17 she received advanced placement and a $10,000 scholarship to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she was awarded an Honorary Writing Emmy for her work on Sesame Street, was a professional dancer touring and teaching in NYC and abroad, has acted in over 40 Off-Off Broadway shows and plays, has taught over 1,000 “More Than Acting” students, studied Qi Gong in Beijing, China, has acted in feature films and TV, worked in the casting and editing of feature films, as well as being a choreographer for film and Off-Off Broadway, she has served as a production manager and stage manager, has written a one-woman show slated for Off-Broadway in 2019/20 and has worked closely with over 50 of the world’s top executives, celebrities, creators and artists, as well as various politicians and Royalty to enhance their effectiveness of power, ease and self expression.

Erin’s also worked with disadvantaged youth in Harlem, special needs children and incarcerated youth in East New York using theatre as a vehicle of growth and joy; fostering healthy self esteem, self-expression and discipline. Her passion and joy come from empowering others to be the best versions of themselves; mind, body and soul.

We create and inspire performers, executives and leaders

For more information on bespoke executive training, testimonials, seminars, terms and conditions, please contact erin@opendooracting.com or call (917) 885-9271.
Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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