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Future Projects

Original Plays and Films by Carl Stillitano and company members

We are always creating socially aware plays and films. If you are interested in supporting our work OR producing on ANY level, contact us and let’s talk.


Written by Carl Stillitano

What happens when an anorexic, a bulimic, an overeater and a good looking guy, get trapped in a Donut Shop?
A comedy about eating disorders, sex and raw opinions about society today.



Written by Carl Stillitano

Head to Toe, written this winter by Stillitano, recently wow’d audiences at a Malibu reading

A therapist, who’s a mother of an autistic boy, goes head to head with her x, herself and her tougher than steel, Pittsburgh, patient. His old school values force her to dig deep to contain inevitable explosions on both ends. This one act play is a therapy session in REAL TIME that will force you to question convention in ways you’ve never. Insightful and riveting, the inner thought processes and high levels of awareness will make you want to press pause to x-ray you’re own life under it’s illuminating light… take notes or take home a fresh copy to leave under your pillow for restless nights or osmosis. A real treat.


Written by Carl Stillitano

A dysfunctional family of men is put to the test when it’s neurotic patriarch faces eviction, his 70th birthday and possibly the depth of his delusion. A look at addiction, pain and denial. And the lengths we’ll go to hold on to it.



Written by Carl Stillitano

The Big Picture takes place during the war in Iraq. A megalomaniac is determined to have his voice heard.


Written by Carl Stillitano

New World Technology vs. Salt of the Earth-Old School Values, go head to head in this dynamic showdown. An unexpected story about chance, choice and character. A serendipitous encounter between two strangers in Central Park unravels truths, reveals wounds and offers redemption and hope.



Written by Carl Stillitano

12 years after being left at the alter, two childhood lovers from the Bronx unexpectedly cross paths again. A modern-day, Wuthering Heights… “street style”. This tour de force 2 person play has the actors transitioning in mere seconds, from the past to the present and back again, exploring the extremes of what the human heart can endure.


A Modern-Day Musical Fairy Tale of Myth, Love and Romance

Written by Carl Stillitano

Venus, The Goddess of Love, comes down from Mount Olympus to help us earthlings rediscover the power of love.


Written by Carl Stillitano

An oath is taken… A shrine is built… A family is born. A look into today’s mafia. Vic Colangelo – Patriarch. His old school ways threaten to destroy the family which he vowed to maintain. Victoria Colangelo – his little sister, a tigress trying to find her womanhood through the world of exotic dance. Danny Colangelo  – their baby brother, struggling to find the balance between his artist soul and Vic’s wishes of a white-collar world.


Written by Erin Flowers

An honest and raw one-woman show, written and performed by Erin Flowers. Watch our heroic protagonist, as she embarks on a roller-coaster journey from Berkley, Ca. to NYC. Erin learns her lessons and finds evolvement in the most unlikely places: a manipulative dance teacher, her mother’s angry Vietnam Vet boyfriend and a 6’4 Italian “Hitman.” A coming of age story for adults.

For a list of unproduced original screenplays, please contact us.

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