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Plays and Films

Plays and films written and produced by Carl Stillitano and Open Door Acting



A modern day version of “Mice and Men” set within an urban police drama. Written and directed by Carl Stillitano, the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. And was compared favorably to “L.A. Confidential” by William Morris Agency.


A look into the lives of an offbeat NYC healer and his troubled clients.

Written and directed by Carl Stillitano, the film was cast entirely from his acting class. Including the film’s scoring and other key production positions.

ROUGH NECK / Originally Released as COMEBACK

An urban Reggae western.

Carl Stillitano’s first full length feature film, Comeback was the winner of “The Spirit of Independents Award” at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. And has had much play on the BET network.



Spoof of film RAINMAN for the WCOFF commercial contest


Produced Plays Written or Created by Carl Stillitano

2012 to present, Stillitano has created and directed over 30 nights of structured IMPROVISATIONAL theatre; actual improvised plays and themed scene nights with Open Door Acting students and company members. Carl comes into NYC to create these shows and teach master classes and workshops 4-5 times a year.

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Carl’s first play, “MALE ILLUSIONS,” was presented at the Pelican Theater in New York City. From this production he was commissioned by Robbins & Associates to write “A WALK ALONG THE EDGE,” which was performed at the Samuel Beckett Theater.

J.E.T. Productions commissioned his one-act play “HIM,” which Carl directed. “HIM” was a finalist in the Samuel French One Act Festival. He continued his association with J.E.T. Productions, which commissioned his next play “RACHEL,” which he also directed.

A workshop production of his play, “AFFAIRS OF THE FAMILY” at Chicago’s legendary Second City theatre, led to a five year association with SEVA Productions, which produced his feature film “TEN-13″.

Stillitano was asked to re-open NYC’S legendary Jan Hus Theatre with his original, autobiographical play “Kenny & The Virgin Mary”. (Final version entitled: “Kenny & Diane”)

Other productions include a workshop of an early version of “The Donut Shop” that was shared with children and people recovering from eating disorders as a teaching tool to raise awareness and open a dialogue for healing. “Out of Nowhere” was an ambitious ensemble piece Stillitano wove together from various stories and talents in one of his NYC acting classes.


What happens when an anorexic, a bulimic, an overeater and a good looking guy, get trapped in a Donut Shop?

A comedy about eating disorders, sex and raw opinions about society today.

The workshop version of The Donut Shop led to great healing on stage and off. And to the creation of a finely crafted play with Broadway aspirations.


Limited 3 week engagement to re-open NYC legendary Jan Hus Theatre, extended by popular demand to 9 weeks.

Two childhood lovers from the Bronx cross paths, 12 years after being left at the alter. A modern-day, Wuthering Heights, “street style”. This tour de force, 2 person play has the actors transitioning in mere seconds, from the past to the present and back again, exploring the extremes of what the human heart can endure. Final version’s title: Kenny & Diane.


A successful workshop production of this play at Chicago’s Second City Theatre led to it’s production in a NYC boutique theatre housed within SEVA productions where Stillitano created a healing arts center, an acting school as well as a production house for his first feature film, TEN-13.


HIM won The Samuel French One-Act Festival. Two aspiring actors confront their feelings about artistic passion & intensity.. Shakespeare & Al Pacino… And what integrity means in “show business”, in this combustive comedy.


“RACHEL” was commissioned by J.E.T. Productions. Carl Stillitano wrote and directed the play.


Carl Stillitano was commissioned by Robbins & Associates to write “A WALK ALONG THE EDGE,” performed at the Samuel Beckett Theater.


Carl’s first play, “MALE ILLUSIONS,” was presented at the Pelican Theater in New York City.


“Out of Nowhere” was an ambitious ensemble piece Stillitano wove together from various stories and talents in one of his acting classes.

It created quite an enthusiastic uproar and jaw dropping experience for the 100 audience members crammed into the theatre. “It was one of those special NYC theatre nights,” Stillitano reminisces about the show almost 20 years ago. “To this day, I wish, I’d kept the show running… it was magic. That’s the glory of theatre… There’s nothing in the world like it..” Pretty much sums up Stillitano’s eternal flame for the art of theatre..


Since 2012 Open Door Acting has produced over 30 NYC Improv Shows.

Stillitano leads these Performance Workshops 4 plus times a year. They culminate in original improvised plays or themed scene nights that are put up in a NYC Off-Off Broadway theatre, in the heart of the theatre district.

Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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