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The Human heart is a blessed gift from God. It is sacred; it houses the divine light. The entire body is a sacred present from God. This very body contains infinite mystical experiences, boundless compassion, steady benevolences, tremendous patience, tender kindness, innate goodness, pure innocence and loving strength. As you realize more fully the divine light embodied in your heart, you recognize it outside yourself as well…. Every time you experience your own love, you are supporting thousands of lives.

– Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

If this resonates with you, print it out and hang it somewhere in your home. Your thoughts, lead to your words, lead to your actions, lead to your reality and experience of reality. As you think, so you are. And as you do, so you become. There are no shortcuts, just work; dedicated practice and discipline over time. And don’t be confused by the word discipline. Discipline can be fun. The discipline to be loving. The discipline to find joy in your heart throughout the day and night, no matter what the circumstances. The discipline to be grateful and hopeful and positive and happy and helpful and conscious and purposeful. The discipline to evoke Grace into your life by living with an open heart. These are all great disciplines that shift your energy and create new realities from within. Try it. See what happens. Don’t take my word for it. Be a scientist. An explorer. Take a new action and see if there’s a new result… remember the definition of INSANITY? I think we’ve all been a little insane at one point or another.. aka doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That is scientifically impossible. But it can be subtle. The biggest changes ultimately are… because everything truly comes from within. Creation begins from within. And you ALWAYS have the Power to change your inner world. That is the only thing you have control over. Everything else is reflecting that inner world. It just takes time for the outer to catch up to the inner. Have faith… more than Faith… Trust, Know that if you change inside, the world will change around you… even if it’s “just” your experience of the world (Which may be everything at the end of the day). Om Namah Shivaya ( I honor God within)

Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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