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Student Shows

The art of creating in the moment

Unique NYC Theatre Experience

Carl Stillitano, Open Door Acting’s artistic director takes a group of actors and non-actors on a journey that culminates in a night of Inspired Improvisational Theatre.

What Audience is Saying

” The show was very entertaining. It was clear the cast put everything they had into it. I was impressed with how the dialogue evolved and brought humor to commonplace situations. I would go again. “


“The most laughs I had in a church since cutting up as an altar boy! By the way, Jan Hus Playhouse Theatre is in basement of The Jan Hus Church, NYC”



“Great show, loved it!”



“I was on the edge of my seat waiting for something to explode”



What is Improvisational Theatre

Improv is the art of creating in the moment. Based only on a defined relationship, the actors create the script right before your very eyes –and theirs. Not knowing where the scene will go, the actors feed off each other with authenticity and openness –creating a journey unknown. The journey is taken together with you, the audience. And in a subtle way, you become part of the creation. Your energy and reactions may quietly influence the scene’s direction –perhaps unaware to even the actors. Watch the desire and conflict, and see this co-creation journey to drama, comedy or more –always an honest offering to you, the audience.

Each student show is a culmination of being in a performance workshop. And that’s the beauty of the show for the group and the audience. It’s amazing for someone in their 30th show to learn from the freshness of someone in their first show. And awesome for the audience to realize, “Wow! That could be ME up there!” Newcomers inspire courage and human camaraderie for ALL.

Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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