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Since 2012 ODA has put up over 20 shows that donated all tickets sales to a NYC Homeless Shelter run out of the Jan Hus Church. At the core of ODA has always been a spirit of “paying it forward” and self-less service (in Sanskrit: “Seva”). Many of its teachers have taught or assisted workshops and events, played major production roles, done “sweat labor”, etc., out of a pure desire to give back what was given to them freely by ODA teachers, company and members. When profits are made from this work, they are funneled back into the company to create more opportunity for others in the future.

This spirit of giving, purifies the teacher which in turn becomes a hugely rewarding endeavor to both teacher and student who are receiving the grace of such a pure motivation to serve. It is our belief and experience that to give without motive, the one that is “giving” actually receives the most in the exchange. It is truly a blessing to truly be of service.

ODA has welcomed disabled students and youth at risk to take classes and workshops free of charge. And though we believe that healthy adults must give in order to receive, we have a long history of “working with” people who are going through a hardship to stay in class until they can get back on their feet. Many have found this kindness a source of great hope and strength to make the passage from lack and despair to abundance, hope and security; inner and outer.

Donations and Angel Investors increase our reach and ability to be generous with our teaching, mentoring and opportunities we can give others. Our vision to serve is vast and far reaching; we feel certain that the greater the gift. the more we can do for others and the world.

“Doors open when you do”

Become a Supporter

If you’d like to become a supporter there are as many ways to get involved as you feel comfortable with and create. i.e. Angel Investor, Executive Producer Credit for a film or play you produce/invest in, Company/Family Name/in Memory of… WRITTEN on “We’d like to THANK” list in show programs, on site, on wall in teaching studio, etc., Walk-on Role in Film for you, your child or pet or the mention or visual showing of your business. Donate your time and services, your home or venue for an event, announce us to your friends, family and community, invite us to preform or teach… Fill our audience with your company, friends, family, church, school, gym, club… Blow our minds with your ideas and vision!

We’d love to hear from you! And create something! Contact us for more information.

Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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