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Upcoming Workshops

We are currently organizing the next workshop to take place either at the end of August or the beginning of September. If you are interested in possibly participating, please contact us.

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What Our Students are Saying

“It has also helped me see how roles played in real life can be dropped cleanly just as they are in class. Switching roles, after going “to neutral” in class is akin to taking a pause before assuming a new role in my real life. And this is refreshing. The energy of the previous role doesn’t taint the expression of the role to follow.”


Jim Barrett

“Going to Erin’s classes has been a gift. The classes are a lot of fun, the community is non-judgmental, accepting, supportive and encouraging of each other. It’s a chance to get out of my head, experience parts of myself that I might not ordinarily access, to communicate totally uncensored and to be comfortable with all kinds of feelings. I have found it to be a way to grow into a richer, more authentic person and the best part is that it’s totally fun!”


Marina Maurino

“I came to The Open Door Acting company in 2009. At the time I struggled tremendously with self expression. At The Open Door I have learned to be more freely self expressive. The support I get from Erin and Carl is tremendous. My creativity and self expression have flourished since working with them. Both Erin and Carl’s level of honest caring cannot be denied. Both are very committed individuals to the growth of their students…”


Robert O’Neill

Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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