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Performance Workshop

“With the right support and guidance you can fly”

Carl Stillitano, Open Door Acting’s artistic director takes a group of actors and non-actors on a journey that culminates in a night of Inspired Improvisational Theatre.

All are welcome. No experience necessary.

“A little insane and a whole lot of fun”

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Calling all actors and non-actors who want to go on an incredibly courageous, creative and FUN ride that will land you IN THE MOMENT… on a NYC stage in an IMPROVISED PLAY or THEMED SCENE NIGHT after only 9 hours of preparation.

We meet on a Wednesday night at 7pm and work till 10pm … Same schedule Thursday and Friday and on Saturday we put on a show!

Whoever you are, this will stretch and empower you in all areas of your life. AS an artist (actor, writer, director, dancer, singer… ) AS a human being (courage, creativity, confidence, expanded joy, connection, community, intimacy, awareness, health…)  We’ve put on over 30 original shows since Feb. 2012…

What Our Students Are Saying

The Performance Workshops led by Carl Stillitano are an integral part of my growth & self-discovery not only as an actor but as a human being as well.

Carl unequivocally trusts the process of self-discovery; where we as his students, take only 3 nights to discover what wants to emerge from the inner world of our existence. He silently watches, with love & adoration, each student become stumped with old patterns of self sabotage and lack of trust. Then he facilitates a process that reveals a path to allow the deeper meaning of the persons’ inner life to have full expression. I watch him transform every situation into an opportunity for all the students in the class. We all learn to feel our feelings; to express love, anger, rage, sadness, fear, desire, joy, power, courage, vulnerability… And then we learn to let go of our feelings, over and over again. At the end of this deep shedding of our old patterns, during only 3 nights, we come together on stage to share and bare our souls to the generous and lovely audience we generate for each performance.

I can honestly say, though it might sound a bit melodramatic – when on my death bed, if someone asks, “What were some of the most memorable moments of your life?” – without hesitation – I would say “Being on stage with fellow actors, with honor and grace, while the transparency of my heart takes over”.

– Rita Gendelman

Open Door Acting

Open Door Acting

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